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Understanding Drug Possession Law.

For over a century, the world has been tackling the issue of narcotics that is an illegal business backed by some governmental institutions and wealthy cartels. The criminal narcotics industry is a multibillion-dollar business that is multifaceted with so much influence to local cities and neighbourhoods of any country. This is a well-run business right from the stage of manufacturing together with the distribution of the sales in ways that the normal citizen cannot get a grasp of unless they are involved. According to research, about 14,000 people died because of illegal drugs while another thousand people died because of activities of illegal drug possession. Click here to get more info. This therefore means that they're owning, caring, holding or any form of illegal drug possession is detrimental to society. The fight of a society to educate such illegal businesses is reflected in strict drug possession laws to stop drugs from going into the hands of wrong individuals. The laws are meant to act as a red tape in the ownership of drugs as possession of certain kinds of drugs can lead to harsher penalties compared to other illegal drugs. This is due to the illegal activities and violence that are associated with these particular drugs. An individual getaway with bails and fines once they are caught in illegal activities pertaining a certain drug bust the law translates to direct incarceration of certain drug cases automatically. We can therefore see that possession of illegal drugs is severe crime with harsh consequences both in federal and state laws.

The severity of penalties in a drug possession case depends on the drug type, drug quantity, the offender's intent, the offender's age and the location of the crime. This can be explained with an example of one ounce of cannabis found in individual's car will be a petty case that can be solved within a very short time once the necessary fines have been paid. However, when 5 pounds of cocaine are found with an individual who intends to sell it to high school students, this will translate to severe felony and penalties. Smaller cases are called misdemeanour while the big cases are referred to as felony. The penalties of a misdemeanour case include a small fine, court counselling as mandated by the court, issuance of community service and probation. Get more info on Stockmann Law. Felony drug charges will have more severe consequences than those of misdemeanour cases. They harsher penalties are mandated by the law and it hinges upon the intent of the individual to sell the drug and the number of drugs that were to be sold. However, because of the effects of drugs all around the world, drug laws are becoming more stricter with even some of the misdemeanour cases being translated into felony cases depending on the circumstance and the location of the crime. Individuals who face the drug possession law require adequate legal representation through hiring a good drug lawyer who thoroughly understands drug possession law and can defend the individual. Learn more from

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